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PhyQuest Connexion

Connexion is the name of a risk-reduction system developed by PhyQuest. The system ensures the communication of critical non-emergent radiology findings and was first introduced August 20, 2002, with Wellstar Health Systems and Quantum Radiology Northwest at Kennestone Hospital. The reporting system holds a patent at the USPTO office.

An example of when the system might be used:

John is diagnosed with bronchitis, however, his doctor is not sure of the diagnosis. John's doctor then sends John to the hospital for an x-ray. A radiologist reads John's x-ray and finds that not only does John have bronchitis, but there is also a suspicious nodule in the x-ray that has the potential to be life-threatening cancer.

The radiologist activates Connexion, which ensures that the exam results (John's cancer) are delivered to the appropriate parties (John and his doctor). Connexion records all actions that are taken in reporting the radiology exam.

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