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Pincer ligand

  In chemistry, pincer ligand is a specific type of chelating ligand (chelation). A pincer ligand wraps itself around the metal center to create bonds on opposite sides of the metal as well as one in between. The effects pincer ligand chemistry on the metal core electrons is similar to amines, phosphines, and mixed donor ligands. This creates a unique chemical situation where the activity of the metal can be tailored. For example, since there is such a high demand on the sterics of the complex in order to accommodate a pincer ligand, the reactions that the metal can participate in is limited and selective.

The stoichiometric and catalytic applications have been studied since the mid 1970's.

Pincer complexes have been shown to have catalytic properties in a variety of transformations. Such the activation of small molecules like CO21 and N2², halogen carbon bond formation³, polymerization of alkenes4,5 and alkynes6, alkane dehydrogenation7,8, and transfer hydrogen catalysis9. They have also recently been studied for their use as molecular sensors10,11 and switches12.

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