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Author Junguk Hur
Latest release 3.2.3 / 2007-11-10
OS Microsoft Windows
Platform .NET
Natural language(s) English
Status Active
Website PubChemSR

PubChemSR is a MS-Windows-based data search and retrieval tool for the NCBI's public chemical database PubChem. This tool is under active development by Junguk Hur, a Bioinformatics Ph.D. student at University of Michigan, Ann Arbor.


  • PubChemSR is written in MS Visual Basic .Net
  • PubChemSR is implemented by using NCBI's Entrez via SOAP interface.

Search Methods

  • simple text based search as you would do at Entrez, e.g. acetaminophen
  • structure search as you would do at PubChem's structure search page, e.g. CC(=O)NC1=CC=C(C=C1)O
  • batch search for multiple queries available in 'BatchSearch' mode, e.g., acetaminophen, isatin, aspirin


PubChemSR supports a bulk download of selected data fields for multiple chemicals.

  • Users can easily select only the fields of interest.
  • UIDs (unique identifier) can be manually entered or copied after simple text or structure search.
  • Retrieved data can be shown in doc-format, tab-delimited format, or HTML page.
  • Retrieved data can be exported to the MS EXCEL program or to a simple text file for further use.
  • BatchSearch supports extract specific data field (like SMILES) for multiple queries.

Additional features:

  • Typos can be automatically corrected via NCBI's eSpell
  • Structure images are displayed after simple search.
  • The number of maximum results per each query can be adjusted.
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