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Quartz Fluorine Tube

Quartz Fluorine Vessel Fluorine is the most reactive and electronegative substance known to man, therefore specialized containers must be prepared to hold and view the gas. The preparation of these vessels is delicate and labor intensive, but well worth the time. Most containers designed to hold fluorine are lined with Teflon because of its almost non-existent reactivity. The clear substrate onto which the Teflon or another fluorocarbon must be applied is a high-purity, single crystal quartz tube.

Preparing the container

The procedure for preparing the tube is keenly attuned to detail because just one molecule of water or HF can set off a chain reaction that will destroy the tube. Now, obviously it is near impossible to remove all dangerous molecules from the fluorine sample but the fewer of them, the longer the sample will last and it can last for decades.

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