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R. R. M. Carpenter

Robert Ruliph Morgan (R. R. M.) Carpenter (July 30, 1877 - June 11, 1949) was an American executive and member of the board of directors for DuPont. He married Margaretta Lammot du Pont, the sister of company president Pierre S. du Pont, on December 18, 1906, and began working under another brother, Irénée du Pont in the development department, of which he was named director in 1911.

Known as "Ruly", Carpenter was educated at the Hillman Academy in his hometown of Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania and at Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He worked in his family's hardware store before joining DuPont as a district purchasing agent. Carpenter was instrumental in guiding the company's diversification outside the explosives industry, being appointed to the executive committee and serving on the board of directors from 1914 until his death in 1949. During his tenure, he held positions including head of personnel and vice president. His younger brother, Walter S. Carpenter, Jr., was President of DuPont from 1940 to 1948.

In 1940, Carpenter joined the Board of Trustees for the University of Delaware, and was a major catalyst for the development of its athletic program, personally funding the construction of a new gymnasium. In 1943, he purchased the Philadelphia Phillies franchise and turned over control to his son, R. R. M. Carpenter, Jr., who continued his father's tradition of substantial support for the University of Delaware’s athletic program.

Carpenter also served as president of Wilmington's Homeopathic Hospital, as a trustee of Philadelphia's Academy of Natural Sciences, and as director of the Gerard Trust Company, and of the Philadelphia, Baltimore, and Washington Railroad.

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