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R. Stephen Berry

R. Stephen Berry (born 1931 in Denver, Colorado) is a U.S. professor of physical chemistry.

He is the James Franck Distinguished Service Professor Emeritus at The University of Chicago and Special Advisor to the Director for National Security, at Argonne National Laboratory. He joined the Chicago faculty in 1964, having been an Assistant Professor at Yale University and, between 1957 and 1960, an Instructor at the University of Michigan. At the University of Chicago, he has been a member of the Department of Chemistry, the James Franck Institute, the College, and, for many years, the Committee and then the School of Public Policy Studies.

He was Home Secretary of the National Academy of Sciences from 1999 until 2003. He has written one book, been co-author of three others with Stuart A. Rice and John Ross, and has been author or coauthor of approximately 500 papers, mostly scientific.

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