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Reinhard Salfer

Reinhard Salfer (* 1969 in Munich) is a German physical chemist and patent attorney. He studied chemistry at the Technical University of Munich and received his PhD in 2000.

He is particularly known for his revolutionary works on the thermodynamic equilibrium behaviour of a polymer monolayer at a fluid interface (chemistry). Contrary to the experts opinion it has been shown that the behaviour of macromolecular systems in the thermodynamic equilibrium diverges strikingly from non-equilibrium states. In polymer monolayers phase transitions to stable and ordered structures of multiple layers occur under boundary conditions as a peculiarity.

His research results and theories are contradictory to traditional doctrines and are therefore heavily disputed.


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About the formation and characterisation of a new phase of polycationic monolayers at the air/water interface, Colloids and Surfaces A: Physicochemical and Engineering Aspects, 210 (2), p. 253-264, Nov 2002

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