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Relacore is a herbal supplement marketed by the Carter Reed Company, a brand for Basic Research of Salt Lake City, Utah.[1] Some companies had suggested that cortisol is the primary cause of the occurrence of body fat in women over 30. In October 2004, the US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) alleged that marketers of CortiSlim and CortiStress (similar products to Relacore) were making false or unsubstantiated claims in their advertising. Since then, those makers have changed their marketing claims.[2]

Advertisements in January 2006 tout Relacore vaguely as a "feel-good pill" that can "reduce stress" by unspecified means. The idea is that excess cortisol is a product of stress. The main ingredient, as it pertains to cortisol control, is Magnolia bark. [3]

Relacore's website claims that its product is stimulant free.[1]


Basic Research marketing claims that Relacore is the top-selling dietary supplement as of June 26, 2006, with sales of US $ 23.9 million and 900,000 bottles sold.[citation needed][dubious]


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