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Robert H. Crabtree

Robert H. Crabtree (born 1948 in London) is a British chemist. He studied at Oxford, where he worked for a year with Malcolm Green, and then took his D.Phil with Joseph Chatt at the Unit for Nitrogen Fixation, Sussex University. With Hugh Felkin, at the Institut de Chimie des Substances Naturelles at Gif-sur-Yvette, near Paris, he was first a postdoctoral fellow, and then Attaché de Recherche. In 1977, he took up an assistant professorship in Inorganic Chemistry at Yale University.

He is known, among other things, for his work in iridium-catalyzed hydrogenation reactions, and particularly for his work on the so-called Crabtree's catalyst, and for writing the textbook The Organometallic Chemistry of the Transition Metals (ISBN 0-471-66256-9).

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