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Rokkasho Reprocessing Plant

The Rokkasho Reprocessing Plant 六ヶ所村核燃料再処理施設 (Rokkasho Kakunenryou Saishori Shisetsu?) is a Nuclear reprocessing plant owned by Japan Nuclear Fuel Limited. Since 1993 there has been 219 billion yen invested in the project. It is currently undergoing test operations, separating a small amount of used nuclear fuel. It is the successor to a smaller reprocessing plant located in Tokai, Ibaraki.

At the same site there will also be:

  • A high level nuclear waste monitoring facility
  • An Uranium enrichment plant
  • A low level radioactive waste landfill

The low level waste disposal part is of very little notability compared to the other facilities, as they are common at nuclear plant sites as well.

Vitrification tests completed in November 2007. This consists of pouring high level dry waste reside along with molten glass into steel canisters.[1]

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