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Rose Rock

Rose rocks are barite (barium sulfate) crystals whose iron content gives them a reddish hue. They are the Oklahoma state rock also. It is also known as a barite rose. It is not a sedimentary rock but is often found in sedimentary sandstone. Rose rocks consist of reddish-brown sandy crystals with petal-like clusters resembling roses, hence their name.

Oklahoma state rock

Rose rocks are generally not found anywhere except central Oklahoma. Because of this, in 1969, the State of Oklahoma adopted the rose rock as their official state rock. Rose rocks are most common in the Noble area of Cleveland County, which has led to Noble being labeled the "Rose Rock Capital of the World". In honor of this status, Noble sets aside the first Saturday each May to celebrate its annual Rose Rock Festival. Local geologist Joe Stine and his wife opened the Rose Rock Museum in 1986 and since opening, they have presented rose rocks to such people as former First Lady Nancy Reagan and Queen Elizabeth II.

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Rose rocks are found only two places on earth, one of them being Oklahoma the other is Spain.

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