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Rubicon Foundation


Rubicon Foundation, Inc. is an online repository of diving and hyperbaric medical literature. Supported by donations and grants, it is a non-profit organization undertaking research projects and storing research results.

Rubicon Research Repository

The Rubicon Research Repository (RRR) is the foundations premier project. It contains this information:

  • Technical reports, including from:-
    • US Naval Experimental Diving Unit (NEDU)
    • US Naval Medical Research Institute (NMRI)
    • US Naval Submarine Medical Research Laboratory (NSMRL).
    • Smithsonian Institution Scientific Diving Program (SI-SDP).
    • US Air Force School of Aerospace Medicine (USAFSAM)
  • Theses about diving and hyperbaric medicine
  • Abstracts from the Undersea and Hyperbaric Medical Society (UHMS)
  • Journals published by the UHMS:-
    • Undersea Biomedical Research Journal (1974 to 1992) (UBR)
    • Undersea and Hyperbaric Medicine Journal (1993 to 2006) (UHM)
    • Journal of Hyperbaric Medicine (1986 to 1992) (JHM)
      • (See UHMS publications for the later issues)

These articles contain information on:

  • Evaluations of diving suit and rebreather technology.
  • Human factors engineering as it relates to underwater tool design ("knobology") / construction
  • Unpublished reports about Technical diving and aspects of other Professional diving operations.

Other Archived Works

Other publications they have made electronic that are not currently included in the RRR:

  • UHMS Workshops supported by Divers Alert Network (DAN)
  • Underwater Medicine and Related Sciences supported by UHMS
  • Hyperbaric Oxygen Review (1980 to 1985)

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  • Undersea and Hyperbaric Medical Society
  • Divers Alert Network
  • Global Underwater Explorers
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