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Sampyo Corporation is a Korea's cement, concrete in chemical company. headquartered in Seoul, Korea. established in 1966. It is a remicon and environment technology products.



  • Remicon
  • Agreegate
  • Bluecon
  • Bridge Construct
  • Plyash
  • Free Flex
  • Environment Technology Research

Manufacturing network (South Korea)

  • Seongsu
  • Pungnap
  • Dongbuk (Namyangju)
  • Anyang
  • Namyang (Hwaseong)
  • Bongjae (Yangju)
  • Ilsan
  • Incheon
  • Yeoju
  • Cheonan
  • Asan
  • Seobu (Goyang)
  • Songdo
  • Dangjin
  • Pyeongtaek
  • Wonju

Group families

  • Sampyo Logistics
  • Sampyo E&C


See also

  • Economy of South Korea
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