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Slater's rules

Slater's Rules are a set of rules devised by John C. Slater that give an approximate estimate of effective nuclear charge on an electron (Z*).

Z * = ZS

where S is the screening constant.

The system involves the two following steps:

1.Arrange sets according to principle quantum number, ignoring filling order and keeping ns and np together

i.e [1s] [2s,2p] [3s,3p] [3d] [4s,4p] [4d] [4f]

2.Using the table, calculate the contributions to S (the screening constant) for electrons in each set.

Set Electrons in Higher Sets Remaining Electrons in Same set All electrons in lower sets Electrons in set(s) with quantum number n-1 Electrons in all sets with quantum number
[1s] 0 0.3 N/A N/A N/A
[ns,np] 0 0.35 0.85 1
[nd] or [nf] 0 0.35 1
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