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Smart film

Smart film is a new kind of smart glass technology in which a special film can be directly and easily applied to glass. The film adjusts to light under electric pressure to switch between a transparent and a semi-opaque state. It also meets the double requirements of glass on penetrability and privacy protection - the lighting is good even when it’s not transparent. It also insulates and reflects infared light, making your room warm in winter and cool in summer, and therefore conserves energy. Smart film utilizes the opto-electrical functions of optical film by employing liquid crystal (PDLC) optics.


Technology of Smart Film

Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystals (PDLCs)

1. When the smart film is off power, the high polymer LC materials in it are in disorder, which makes light be unable to penetrate the film, and now it’s on opaque state.

2. When the smart film is on power, the high polymer LC materials in it are in order, which makes light penetrate the film, and now it’s a transparent film.

Application of Smart Film

Electric curtain

Environmental and energy-saving for green building material. It uses transparent or haze temperature control film, makes the smart film a haze state when the indoor temperature is high, when the light reduces, the smart film is in a translucent state; when the light is weak, the smart film is in a transparent state.

Projection screen

use the projector on the crystal projection screen similar to a TV screen.


  • Combines touch IR and control by voice commands and the product to give customers more choice.
  • Combines full color LED tube
  • Combines laser membrane and many translucent printing membranes.
  • Combines the projector, effect of suspended particulate as transparent state.
  • Combines multiple movies and advertise to appear in transparent glass.
  • Combines with control system; upon all function can be used with smart film.

Examples of use

In the office

  • Applied to glass compartment of Chief’s Office. When the glass of meeting room is transparent, you can see the outside of the room, and when it’s nontransparent it can be used as the screen and white plate for projector.
  • Energy-saving function of glass curtain wall

Indoor decoration of up-scale residence: Lighting Cover glass curtain, sunshine house, living room and bathroom compartment, embody host’s outstanding taste. The glass is in mist state when out of use, which will well protects your privacy, and when it turns to transparent, you may fully soaked in sunshine.

Product display and commercial advertisement: Glass display window, protect the products when it’s nontransparent, and may used for projector to introduce products, while when it’s transparent, it may be used for products display and can set time-exchange.

Use for special occasions

  • Glass door of Rest Room is nontransparent when out of use, and immediately turn to mist state when the door is closed.
  • Glass floor and stairs on the second floor, appear in mist when there’s someone walking on, otherwise they are transparent
  • Purpose in secret space in hospital: windows of Infant Room and Intensive Care Unit, which replaces curtains to reduce dust and noise.
  • Purpose in dust-free room: Applied to dust-free room and cleaning room, you may use smart film to switch between transparent and nontransparent, and it can reduce inconveniences for customers to wear dust-free clothes passing in and out of the room.

Corporate websites

  • Chiefway Optronics Co. Ltd. (Smart Film, Electric Curtain, PDLC liquid crystal film)

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