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A Sonographer is the name given to specialised Healthcare Practitioners who perform Medical ultrasonography or Ultrasound.
The name is most commonly used in the United Kingdom, where the alternative term of Ultrasonographer is in much less common use. The American term of Ultrasound Technologist is not used in the UK.
With in the United Kingdom, Sonographers are employed by the Hospitals with in the National Health Service, by private companies offering Healthcare services, or as temporary staff through specialised Employment agency.
Sonographers Medical is currently the largest employer of locum Sonographers with in the United Kingdom, and has offices in England, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa. The company also employ all other Allied health professions and Health Service Staff
There is currently no requirement for a Sonographer to be state registered in the UK, although most are registered with the The Health Professions Council as Radiographer. State registration of Sonographers in their own right is being eagerly sought by the profession.

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