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Spam Reader

Spam Reader
Developer LuxContinent
Latest release 2.5 / November 03, 2006
OS Microsoft Windows
Genre Email spam filter
License Shareware

Spam Reader is a anti-spam add-on for Microsoft Outlook, produced under shareware license. The program uses content filtering based on Bayesian spam filtering algorithm, White and Black Lists technics, additional spam signs like embedded images from internet, attached executed files, and junk text.

Spam Reader is most suitable for users who have fixed range of correspondents and just want to remove spam emails from their Inbox.



Spam Reader is add-on for Microsoft Outlook. The program is developed according to the Microsoft company recommendation on the add-ons design. Spam Reader automatically integrates into Microsoft Outlook workspace.

Supported mailbox storages

Spam Reader supports the following types of mail accounts: POP3, IMAP, HTTP and Microsoft [Exchange]. For Microsoft Exchange the prgram works only with default mailbox. Also HTTP mailboxes are limited to supported by Outlook.

Main anti-spam technics

White List - To make filtering safer, Spam Reader uses a White List technology - it guarantees that the messages from user's regular correspondents will not be blocked as spam even if their contents look like spam. White List may include names, addresses or entire domains. The list is automatically created on the first program execution by scanning a user's address book, contacts folder, and all saved sent messages. Also, the program automatically updates White List adding the information about the recipients of outgoing messages.

  Black List - Black List contains contacts and email addresses from where you can receive spam or any other unwanted messages. Spam Reader will consider any message with a sender from this list as spam. Black List items may be names, email addresses and entire domains and can contain wildcards.

Safe Recipients List - This list contains email address to where user can't receive spam and all messages sent to these addresses should be always treaten as legitime messages.

Bayesian Spam Filter - Spam filtering is based on Bayesian approach. Using this algorithm Spam Reader determines the score corresponding to the probability for a particular message to be spam. This score is used to decide whether a message is spam or not. Regular updates and self-training option, which make filtering algorithm very flexible.

Custom Filter - To adjust Spam Reader filtering rules to a user's personal needs it is possible to define custom Spam and Not-Spam Dictionaries. If a message contains a word or phrase from Spam Dictionary, then it is considered as Spam. Messages containing a word or phrases from Not-Spam Dictionary will be directed to Inbox without further anti-spam filtering.

Outlook Rules compatibility

Spam Reader uses a special algorithm for interaction with Microsoft Outlook Rules. This algorithm allows the user to set the order of executing Outlook Rules and Spam Reader. This option prevents chaotic movement of spam messages between Spam folder and destination folder for some Outlook Rule in case the spam messages match up with this Rule.


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