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Speculative art

The phrase Speculative Art is used an a variety of ways. It may be, possibly, a reference to Gambling in general or, perhaps, specifically to investment in the Stock exchange. In these cases the "art" referred to is the art of making a wise choice of investment. However, this phrase may also very often be applied to financial investment in works of fine art. In this case, since the "art" of investment is being applied to art itself the meaning of the word "art" becomes ambiguous.

A third usage of "speculative art" is when referring to works of art which focus on similar themes to those which might be found in speculative fiction. These might possibly include science fiction, fantasy, horror and magic realism. Possible visions of the future are often depicted, as are subjective interpretations of reality.

Fourthly, the term "speculative art" has sometimes been used of alchemy, the field of study which preceded modern science and is associated with both spiritual philosophy and also the desire to transform one element into another. Roger Bacon divided Alchemy into "speculative" and "practical".

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