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Star of Murfreesboro


The Star of Murfreesboro is a 34.25 carat (6.85 g) blue diamond that is eleven-sixteenths of an inch (17 mm) in diameter. The diamond was found by John Pollock at the Arkansas Diamond Mine near Murfreesboro, Arkansas. Pollock found the diamond on March 1, 1964. It is the largest diamond ever found by a tourist at the Arkansas areas. It was valued at $15,000.00 in 1964. Using the Consumer Price Index, to adjust for inflation, the 2006, value would be $95,452.47.

The Star of Murfreesboro was featured in the September, 1966, edition of the Lapidary Journal article "60th Anniversary - Discovery of Diamonds in Arkansas".

The Pollock family still owns the diamond. It is occasionally loaned out for display at museums and gem shows.

The Arkansas Diamond Mine area is now contained in the Crater of Diamonds State Park.

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