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Statoil (fuel station)

TypeFuel station
StructureVertical integrated
Area servedNorthern Europe
No. of locations2,000

Statoil is a chain of fuel stations operating in eight countries in Northern Europe. The chain is owned by StatoilHydro and operates about 2,000 stations, including the unmanned chain 1-2-3.


  • Denmark: 329
  • Sweden: 600
  • Norway: 500
  • Estonia: 46
  • Latvia: 60
  • Lithuania: 66
  • Poland: 200
  • Russia: 8


In the mid 1980s Statoil decided to become an fully-integrated company, and decided to launch its own fuel station chain in Scandinavia. It did this by buying the Esso stations in Sweden and Denmark in 1985, along with the Norol stations in Norway, and rebranding them as Statoil. In 1992 it bought the British Petroleum stations in Ireland along with the Jet stations in 1995. The Irish activities were sold to Topaz Oil in 2006. In the early 1990s Statoil chose to enter the Eastern European market as well. The unmanned 1-2-3 chain was launched in 2001.

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