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Stephen F. Martin

Stephen F. Martin [1] is an American chemist and professor of chemistry at The University of Texas at Austin. He is the M. June and J. Virgil Waggoner Regents Chair in Chemistry.

Martin studied chemistry at the University of New Mexico (B.S.), where he worked with R. N. Castle, and Princeton University (M.A. & Ph.D.), under E. C. Taylor in 1972. He did post doctoral work at the Institute of Organic Chemistry, University of Munich (1972-73) with R. Gompper and Massachusetts Institute of Technology (1973-74) with G. Büchi.

He is best known for his work in alkaloid synthesis. He also developed the use of p-nitrobenzoate as a nucleophile for the displacement of activated alcohols in the Mitsunobu reaction.1 Martin is also known for coining the term synthome, which is defined as "the set of all reactions available to the chemist for the synthesis of small molecules, to transform these key intermediates into target structures".2


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