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Sunset Yellow FCF

Sunset Yellow FCF
Chemical name disodium salt of 6-hydroxy-5

-naphthalenesulfonic acid

Chemical formula C16H10Na2O7S2N2
Molecular mass 452.37 g/mol
Melting point 300 °C
CAS Number 2783-94-0

Sunset Yellow FCF (also known as Orange Yellow S, and FD&C Yellow 6) is a colourant that may be added to foods to induce a colour change. It is denoted by E Number E110, and has the capacity for inducing an allergic reaction.

It is a synthetic coal tar and azo yellow dye useful in fermented foods which must be heat treated. It may be found in orange squash, orange jelly, marzipan, Swiss roll, apricot jam, citrus marmalade, lemon curd, sweets, hot chocolate mix and packet soups, trifle mix, breadcrumbs and cheese sauce mix and soft drinks. Specifically the capsules of DayQuil (in high concentrations), some extra strength Tylenol. Also Astro peach yogurt (potentially others), fortune cookies, some red sauces, certain pound cakes and other yellow, orange, and red food products.

It appears to cause allergic or intolerance reactions, particularly amongst those with an aspirin intolerance.[citation needed] Other reactions can include gastric upset, diarrhoea, vomiting, a rash similar to nettle rash and skin swelling.[citation needed]

It is one of the colourants that the Hyperactive Children's Support Group recommends be eliminated from the diet of children.[citation needed]

A study commissioned by the UK's Food Standards Agency found that when used in a mixture of other preservatives, increased levels of hyperactivity in children were observed.[1]

At high concentrations, Sunset Yellow in solution with water undergoes a phase change from an isotropic liquid to a nematic liquid crystal. This occurs between 0.8 M and 0.9 M at room temperature.

Sunset Yellow FCF is a prohibited food additive in Norway.[citation needed]


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