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Survive To Fight

Survive To Fight is the title of a British Army publication which details the use of NBC protective equipment and other procedure to be carried in the event of attack with Nuclear, Biological or Chemical weapons.

Additional recommended knowledge

So far four editions have been published; the first three of which are in the form of a ring-bound manual with a plastic cover, and the latest, Edition 4, is a paperback booklet. Edition I covers the use of the S6 Respirator and Mk.III NBC suit and overboots, Edition II featuring the S10 Respirator and Mk.IV suit and overboots which were introduced since, and Edition III (1995) is a revised version of II, and features the addition of the Mk.V overboots.

A concise aide-memoire, containing much of the same information as in the manuals is also issued, in the form of a tall card which is stored in the respirator haversack (different versions being issued to the Army and Navy in accordance with differing requirements).

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