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Synthetic Plastics Company

Synthetics Plastics Company or SPC of Newark, New Jersey was formed by Daniel Kasen in the late 1920's as a plastic manufacturer for the garments industry. After World War II, Daniel and his brother Louis Kasen founded Peter Pan Records in 1949 until 1970. Irving Kasen owned subsidiaries Ambassador Records, Parade, Promenade, Pirouette, Guest Star, Power Records and Diplomat Records (budget) whose motto was "Fine records need not be expensive". Diplomat records had its own children's label "Rocking Horse Series". In the 60's SPC ventured into the Southern Gospel Music arena when it hired former Oak Ridge Quartet member Ron Page to solicit groups to record for its Scripture label. Most of the Scripture sessions were done in Nashville, with the musicians under the direction of pianist/composer David Reece. Groups recording for Scripture included The Sego Brothers & Naomi, The Rangers Trio (featuring Reece and Page), Wendy Bagwell & the Sunliters, and The Goss Brothers.

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