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For the T-stoff used as a tear gas in World War I, see xylyl bromide.

T-stoff is an oxidizer part of a bipropellant rocket fuel used in Germany during World War 2. It is a stabilized high test peroxide. One of its uses was to be combined with C-Stoff (methanol-hydrazine mixture) in the Messerschmitt Me 163 and Messerschmitt Me 263 for fuel, at a ratio of three parts C-Stoff to one part T-stoff. Because the two substances were so visibly similar, a complex testing system was developed to make sure that each fuel was put into the correct tanks of the Messerschmitt Me 163, as an improper loading would cause the aircraft to explode.

Because of its extreme oxidizing potential, T-stoff was an extremely dangerous chemical to handle, so special rubberized suits were required when working with it as it would react with most cloth or other combustible material and cause it to spontaneously combust.

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