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Tejal A. Desai

Tejal Ashwin Desai (born June 3, 1972) is a Professor in Physiology, Division of Bioengineering at University of California, San Francisco and head of the Therapeutic Micro and Nanotechnology Laboratory.[1][2] She was formally an associate professor at Boston University (2002-06) and an assistant professor at University of Illinois at Chicago (1998-2001).[3] She is a regarded researcher in the area of therapeutic micro and nanotechnology and has authored and edited at least one book on the subject[4] and another on biomaterials[5].

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Dr. Desai attended Brown University where she received a Sc. B. in Biomedical Engineering in 1994. In 1998 she graduated with a Ph.D. from the joint UCSF/UC Berkeley Bioengineering department[6][7], advised by Mauro Ferrari[8].

Dr. Desai has always been interested in science and outreach, in particular to minority students and women.[9][10][11]

Awards and Recognition

Dr. Desai has received many honors for her work in micro and nanostructured materials for tissue engineering and drug delivery:
1999 Crain's Chicago Business "40 under 40" Award: For leadership and innovation [[12]]
1999 MIT's TR100 Award: Technology Review Magazine's Top 100 Young Innovators [[13]]
2000 National Science Foundation CAREER Award [[14]]
2002 McGowan Institute Award for Contributions to Regenerative Medicine [[15]]
2002 Johnson and Johnson[[16]] Focused Giving Award
2003 EURAND[[17]] Grand Prize Award for Outstanding Research in Oral Drug Delivery
2003 Globus Indus Technovator Award (presented by MIT) [[18]]
2003 Popular Science's "Brilliant 10" Top Scientists in the Nation [[19]]
2004 INDIA New England Woman of the Year [[20]]
2006 EURAND [[21]] Grand Prize Award for Innovative Approaches to Drug Delivery
2006 Distinguished Engineering Alumni Award from UC Berkeley [[22]]
2007 IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society Early Career Award [[23]]

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