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Tekhsnabexport (Russian: Техснабэкспорт) (TENEX) is a state owned Russian company founded in 1963 that which trades uranium fuel and fuel processing services abroad [1]. It carries out export of goods and services, produced by enterprises of the Federal Atomic Energy Agency of Russia, including nuclear materials, and technological, medical and other equipment that involves radioactive elements.

Since 2002 Vladimir Smirnov has been its Director General.

On 19 January 2007 Russian Parliament adopted the law "On the peculiarities of the management and disposition of the property and shares of organizations using nuclear energy and on relevant changes to some legislative acts of the Russian Federation", which will create Atomenergoprom - a holding company for all Russian civil nuclear industry, including Tekhsnabexport, the nuclear energy producer Rosenergoatom, the nuclear fuel producer and supplier TVEL, and nuclear facilities constructor Atomstroyexport.

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