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Privately held
FoundedSt. Catharines, Ontario (2002)
HeadquartersHoletown, Barbados
ProductsList of Tersano products

Tersano is a Canadian company known foremost for its line of Lotus brand appliances which use ozone (O3) to treat water, or transform it into a sanitizing agent. The Lotus Sanitizing System is the company’s most prominent product. It was declared one of the best inventions in 2006 by Time Magazine and has been highlighted in several other publications such as Today’s Parent, The Globe and Mail and The Washington Post. It has also received television media attention when the system was featured on an episode of “The Big Idea with Donny Deutsch”.[1]


Steve Hengsperger founded Tersano in 2002 from the remains of a bankrupt Welland-based company that had developed an ozone based water treatment system. From this technology Hengsperger, who has a Mechanical Engineering degree from the University of Waterloo, created another product that harnesses the power of ozone: the Lotus Sanitizing System. It infuses tap water with ozone creating a powerful sanitizing agent that is free of harsh chemicals. The ozonated water is 50% stronger and 3000 times faster than bleach killing 99.99% of bacteria and viruses. In 2006 the product was ready for its launch after being approved by the EPA (Environmental protection Agency), FDA (Food and Drug Administration.), CSA (Canadian Standards Association) and Underwriters Laboratory. Following its release the Lotus Sanitizing System sold approximately 20,000 units in 2006 and is expected to sell more and more now that it has been picked up by several retailers such as Home Depot, The Bay, Home Outfitters, Canadian Tire and Costco.[2]


The following is a list of Lotus brand products (A full set of products can be found on the Tersano website).

  • Lotus Sanitizing System
  • Lotus Water Treatment System
  • Lotus Microfiber Cleaning Clothes
  • Lotus Wet Mop (Available August 2007)


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