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Triflic anhydride


Triflic anhydride is the chemical compound with the formula (CF3SO2)2O. This compound is a particularly strong electrophile, useful for introducing the CF3SO2 group. Triflic anhydride is the acid anhydride of the strong acid triflic acid, CF3SO2OH.

It can be assayed by 19F NMR spectroscopy: −72.6 ppm vs. -77.3 for TfOH (std CFCl3).


The compound is prepared by dehydration of triflic acid using phosphorus pentoxide:[1]

2CF3SO2OH + P4O10 → [CF3SO2]2O + P4O8(OH)2

Illustrative uses

In a representative application, is used to convert an imine into a NTf group.[2]

It will convert phenols into a triflic ester, which enables cleavage of the C-O bond.[3][4]


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