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Triglyceride lipase

Lipase (class 3)
Symbol Lipase_3
Pfam PF01764
InterPro IPR002921
SCOP 3tgl
OPM family 135
OPM protein 3tgl
Available PDB structures:

1uzaA:83-225 1uwcB:83-225 2bjhC:83-225 1uswA:83-225 1lgyA:200-337 3tgl :170-307 1dt3A:99-233 1gt6B:99-233 1du4B:99-233 1dteA:99-233 1dt5A:99-233 1einC:99-233 1tib :99-233

Triglyceride lipases are lipases that hydrolyse ester linkages of triglycerides[1]. These lipases are widely distributed in animals, plants and prokaryotes. This family was also called class 3 lipases as they are only distantly related to other lipase families.

Human proteins containing this domain



  1. ^ Chapus C, Rovery M, Sarda L, Verger R (1988). "Minireview on pancreatic lipase and colipase". Biochimie 70 (9): 1223-1234. PMID 3147715.

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