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Trilliant cut

A trilliant cut is a type of gemstone cut, which is triangular, as the name suggests. It is sometimes called trillion, or trillian. The cut comes in two different variations, with curved and uncurved sides. In addition to side variations, the top surface of the cut also varies.


The cut displays a very sharp brilliance or fire if the diamond is cut to the correct depth allowing good scintillation. Generally cut with a 1:1 length to width ratio, with of course uncurved edges. This uncurved trilliant cut is usually used for accent gemstones, on either side of a main, larger stone of a ring.


This is a softer version of the uncurved version, with three soft points and curved sides. The length to width ratio should still be 1:1, keeping the gemstone proportioned. This cut is unusual, but can be found in pieces as a solitary gem or as an accent gem.

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