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Turba Philosophorum

The Turba Philosophorum, also known as Assembly of the Philosophers, is one of the oldest European alchemy texts. It has been claimed that it was written as early as the 12th century.[2]

In print, the title occurs in the Auriferae artis, quam chemiam vocant, antiquissimi authores, sive Turba philosophorum of 1572, and later works.[1]


  1. ^ [1], a page from the Newton Project, references a work of essentially the same title, but of 1610. There the Turba is described as an anthology of pre-medieval alchemical texts published in Latin translation (from Arabic). Another source is given as the 1659-61 edition of Lazarus Zetzner's Theatrum chemicum.


  • Arthur Edward Waite (editor) (1896) The Turba Philosophorum, or Assembly of the Sages (English translation)
  • Julian Ruska, Turba Philosophorum (Berlin 1931)

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