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Ultimate ME2

Ultimate ME2 is a fuel additive manufactured and distributed by Essentially Yours Industries, Inc., a multi-level marketing company based out of Canada. The company claims that Ultimate ME2 makes gasoline burn cleaner and improves fuel efficiency by at least 13%.



The company makes several claims about how the product works, but none of them seem to make sense from a scientific standpoint. For instance, one representative of the company, regurgitating claims of the company (see here) claimed that the product breaks gasoline molecules into smaller pieces to make it burn cleaner. As this website argues, energy in fuel is stored in the bonds between the atoms. To make a molecule smaller, you must break the bonds. Breaking the bonds releases the energy. Burning fuel is breaking the bonds. If Ultimate ME2 made the particles smaller, it would actually waste some of the energy stored in fuel.

Another claim representatives of the company make is that the product is clear (implying that clear means it isn't harmful) and is made up of liquid carbon, oxygen, and hydrogen. Being clear does not make a fuel additive worthwhile. Water is clear, and it makes a terrible fuel additive. Secondly, if it is understood by this statement that ME2 is made up of pure carbon, oxygen, and hydrogen in their liquid forms, this makes no sense from a chemical standpoint. Pure carbon, at room temperature, is a solid (e.g., graphite pencils, diamonds, etc.) Both oxygen and hydrogen at room temperature are gases. Ultimate ME2 may be made up of carbon, oxygen, and hydrogen, but not in their pure form (otherwise you’d have a bottle filled with black powder and gases).


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