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University of Texas Health Science Center Department of Radiology


The University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio Department of Radiology is one of the largest academic departments in the United States offering advanced training in various tracks of Medical physics, Radiation Biology, Health physics, and Neuroimaging.

The department was historically the first program in the United States "to establish a Ph.D. program for radiology residents".[1] The department is housed within the UTHSCSA Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences

With 55-65 graduate students and over 60 fixed and adjunct faculty members, the program is currently one of the largest graduate programs in medical physics in the United States, and is one of only 15 accredited programs in North America.[2]

The department has training facilities at Brooke Army Medical Center, South Texas Medical Center including the University Hospital System, Texas Cancer Clinic, and CTRC, as well as MARP located at downtown San Antonio.


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