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Vapor-liquid separator

  A vapor-liquid separator is a vertical vessel used in several industrial applications to separate a vapor-liquid mixture. Gravity causes the liquid to settle to the bottom of the vessel, where it is withdrawn.[1][2][3][4] The vapor travels upward at a design velocity which minimizes the entrainment of any liquid droplets in the vapor as it exits the top of the vessel.

The feed to a vapor-liquid separator may also be a liquid that is being partially or totally flashed into a vapor and liquid as it enters the separator.

A vapor-liquid separator may also be referred to as a flash drum, knock-out drum, knock-out pot, compressor suction drum or compressor inlet drum.

When used to remove suspended water droplets from streams of air, a vapor-liquid separator is often called a demister.

Where vapor-liquid separators are used

Vapor-liquid separators are very widely used in a great many indusries and applications, such as:

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