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Vatistas vortices

The mathematical model for the velocity in the radial direction (Θ) for the family of Vatistas vortices is:

V_\Theta\ (r) = \frac{\Gamma}{2\pi r_c} \frac{r}{r_c \left (1+ \left (\frac{r}{r_c} \right )^{2n}\right )^\frac{1}{n}}

The time decay of the intense vortex filament in zero meridional flow was developed by Y. Aboelkassem et al. The Aboelkassem vortex model shows the viscous dissipation of Rankine vortex profile. The solution was given in terms of Fourier-Bessel functions.

References: [1]Aboelkassem, Y., Vatistas, G. H., and Esmail, N., “Viscous Dissipation of Rankine Vortex Profile in Zero-Meridional Flow,” Acta Mechanica Sinica,Vol. 21, No. 6, 2005, pp. 550–556.

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