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Vernalis plc
Founded2003 from merger
HeadquartersWinnersh, United Kingdom
Key peopleCEO
Robert Mansfield, 1992-2003
Simon Sturge, 2003-
George Kennedy, 2000-2003
Peter Fellner, 2003-
ProductsFrovatriptan, Apokyn

Vernalis Plc is a British based biotech company founded in 2003 by the merger of Vernalis Group with British Biotech in a deal valued at £90 million.[1] The merger allowed British Biotech to ditch its historic but tarnished name.[2]

The company has marketed two drug products; Frovatriptan,,[3] to treat migraine, and Apokyn, an apomorphine-based drug for advanced Parkinson's disease.[4]

The company has a development pipeline focused on CNS disease and oncology, and collaborates with pharmaceutical companies including Novartis, Servier, ChemGenex and Serono.


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