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Vico pump

Vico pump's are a brand name of water pump, primarily used in the whirlpool bath, hot tub, and pedicure spa industries to circulate water for heating, filtration, and hydrotherapy massage action. Vico was one of the pioneers in the whirlpool industry, and was founded by Cleo Mathis in the early 1980s, in El Monte, California, producing hydrotherapy systems for bathtubs.

Over the years there have been many modles of Vico pumps, including; Ultraflo, Ultrajet, Ultima, Ultima 2, Ultima Plus, Ultimax, Wow, and Power Wow series. All of these are centrifugal pumps, driven by AC electric motors known as fractional horsepower motors. Vico pumps can be one, two, or 3 speed models to achieve different levels of water flow. The Vico pumps have been sold to many manufacturers of hot tubs, bath tubs, and pedicure spas since the 1980s and sometimes under proprietary brand names such as American Standard, Cal Spas, or others. The pumps are assembled in China and Mexico under the same model names and used throughout Europe and North America.

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