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Vladimir Galkin

Vladimir Galkin (born 30 June 1954, in Kazan, Russia) is a chemist, the Dean of the chemistry department of Kazan State University and the director of Butlerov Institute. Married for the second time, he has children from his first marriage.

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  • 1959-1969 Secondary School #133 in Kazan, Russia (finished with a Gold Medal).
  • 1969-1976 Student of Department of Chemistry of Kazan State University
  • 1975-1979 Graduate Student in the department of phosphoric organic compounds.
  • 1979-1998 Worked at the Department of Chemistry of Kazan State University
  • 1998 -- Got professorship in the chair of high-molecular and element organic compounds.
  • 2004 -- Elected to the Academy of Sciences of Tatarstan Republic.


Galkin V.I. Inductive substituent effects IIJ.Phys.Org.Chem,-1999.- V.I 2, N4.- P.283-288

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