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Weil McLain

From the time the company was founded in 1881, Weil-McLain has been the leader in comfort heating. Building on a proud tradition of quality and innovation, their mission remains simple:

• To design and build the best comfort on the market.
• To make them first.
• And to make them last...for decades.

Headquartered in Michigan City, Indiana with manufacturing facilities in Eden, North Carolina and over 700 employees worldwide, Weil-McLain combines hydronic heating expertise with the responsiveness of service and support operations. Weil-Mclain's ongoing success is a testament to their commitment to providing nothing less than the best...without compromise.


Weil-McLain was founded in 1881 by Isadora and Benjamin Weil as a small plumbing and heating house in Chicago, Illinois, under the name “Weil Brothers”. In 1918, they bought out their largest boiler supplier, J. H. McLain Company of Canton, Ohio, and in 1919 the company name “Weil-McLain” was established.

In 1921, Weil-McLain moved the boiler operations from Canton, Ohio to the present facilities in Michigan City, Indiana, and later added a foundry operation in Erie, Pennsylvania in 1927. In 1953, the company sold its wholesale operation to focus on manufacturing. In 1964, Weil-McLain started acquiring companies, and the boiler operations became known as the “Hydronics Division” of Weil-McLain in 1966. In 1976, the corporate name was changed to Wylain, Inc. of which Weil-McLain became a division. The Marley Company of Mission Woods, Kansas acquired Wylain in 1980, and the name was changed back to Weil-McLain who then became a division of The Marley Company. In 1993, United Dominion Industries of Charlotte, North Carolina, purchased The Marley Company. In May 2001, United Dominion Industries was acquired by SPX Corporation of Charlotte, North Carolina.

Weil-McLain’s main manufacturing Facility is located in Eden, North Carolina with a headquarters and foundry nestled alongside Lake Michigan in Michigan City, Indiana.


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