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Wilhelm Heinrich Heintz

Wilhelm Heinrich Heintz
BornNovember 41817
DiedDecember 11880
Residence Germany
Nationality German
FieldChemist and Physicist
InstitutionsBerlin University
University of Halle
Academic advisor  Heinrich Rose
Notable students  Johannes Wislicenus
Known forMargaric acid
heptadecanoic acid
Deutsche Physikalische Gesellschaft

Wilhelm Heinrich Heintz (1817 – 1880) was a German structural chemist who earned his PhD at Berlin in 1844 under Heinrich Rose. He was one of six founding members of the Deutsche Physikalische Gesellschaft and the only chemist.

In 1853 he analyzed margaric acid as simply a combination of stearic acid and of the previously unknown palmitic acid.[citation needed]

At Halle, Heintz supervised Johannes Wislicenus PhD work, although Wislicenus' pro-forma advisor at Zurich. was Georg Karl Andreas Städeler.

The mineral Heintzite is named for him.


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