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William Alexander Ayton

William Alexander Ayton (1816-1909) was a British Anglican clergyman, with an interest in alchemy.[1][2][3] He translated from Latin the life of John Dee written by Thomas Smith.[4]

He is generally thought to have been a member of the shadowy Society of Eight founded in 1883.[5] He became a member of the successor Order of the Golden Dawn.[6] He was a supporter of the reforms of Arthur Edward Waite, which split the Order as the Holy Order of the Golden Dawn and the Stella Matutina.


  • The Alchemist of the Golden Dawn, The Letters of Revd. W. A. Ayton to F. L. Gardner and Others 1886-1905 (1985) edited Ellic Howe


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  2. ^ The Reverend William Alexander Ayton was one of the oldest initiates of the original Golden Dawn, joining (along with his wife Anne) among William Westcott's earliest recruits just a few months after a the founding of the Hermetic Order in 1888. As G. H. Frater Virtue Orta Occident Rarius (those rising by virtue rarely decline), Ayton achieved the grade of 5= 6 a year later, at the age of 74. He was at the time still active as a priest, and as the Vicar of Chacombe in Oxfordshire; he had been a freemason for twenty years, and was also associated with the Hermetic Brotherhood of Light. He retired on a pension in 1894 and lived into his 92nd year, dying in 1909 in Hertfordshire.[1]
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