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Wind-Hydrogen Hybrid Power Systems


One of the key issues with wind energy is its intermittent nature. This has led to numerous methods of storing energy including the production of hydrogen through the electrolysis of water. This hydrogen is subsequently used to generate electricity during periods when demand can not be matched by wind alone. The energy in the stored hydrogen can be converted into electrical power through fuel cell technology or a combustion engine linked to an electrical generator.

Successfully storing hydrogen has many issues which need to be overcome, such as embrittlement of the materials used in the power system.

This technology is being developed in many countries and has even seen a recent IPO of an Australian firm called 'Wind Hydrogen' [1] that looks to commercialise this technology in both Australia and the UK

Essentially Wind Hydrogen offers a source of domestic and vehicular energy for rural communities where current energy transmission costs are prohibitive. Test sites include:

Community Country Wind MW
Ramea [2] Newfoundland, Canada
Prince Edward Island Wind-Hydrogen Village [3] PEI, Canada
Lolland [4] Sjælland, Denmark
Bismark[5] North Dakota, USA
Koluel Kaike [6] Santa Cruz, Argentina
Ladymoor Renewable Energy Project (LREP) [7] Scotland
Hunterston Hydrogen Project Scotland
RES2H2 [8] Greece 0.50
Unst [9] Scotland 0.03
Utsira [10] Norway 0.60


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