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World Coal Institute

The World Coal Institute (WCI) is a non-profit, non-governmental association, funded by coal enterprises and stakeholders.

The World Coal Institute represents the coal industry in international energy and environmental policy and research discussions. The WCI undertakes lobbying, organises workshops and provides coal information to decision makers, the general public and educational organisations on the benefits and issues surrounding the use of coal.

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WCI Objectives

  • Represent the coal industry in international policy discussions on energy and the environment.
  • Promote the use of clean coal technologies to improve the environmental performance of coal.
  • Highlight the role affordable and abundant coal resources play in a world concerned with energy security.
  • Provide information to decision-makers and opinion formers to ensure they are fully informed of the contribution of coal to social and economic development.
  • Distribute information on the importance of coal as the single largest source of fuel for electricity generation, and its role in other industries – including steel production, cement manufacturing, chemicals and liquid fuels.
  • Work with other key organisations within the international coal industry, to coordinate actions and maximise resources to improve the performance and perception of coal worldwide.
  • Address misconceptions about coal through the production and dissemination of information resources.

WCI activities

  • Lobbying, policy development and contributing to discussions on issues impacting the coal community.
  • Creating international partnerships between the coal industry and important international agencies and participating in a wide range of influential bodies including:
    • UN Commission on Sustainable Development
    • UN Framework Convention on Climate Change
    • IEA Working Party on Fossil Fuels
    • IEA Coal Industry Advisory Board
    • Carbon Sequestration Leadership Forum
  • Organising policy workshops with key government representatives, industry and international organisations.
  • Information production and dissemination via a website – – and various publications:
    • Ecoal – a quarterly newsletter
    • Coal Meeting the Climate Challenge: Technology to Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions
    • Storing CO2 Underground
    • The Coal Resource: A Comprehensive overview of Coal
    • Coal: Meeting Global Challenges
    • Coal: Secure Energy
    • Coal: Liquid Fuels
    • Coal: Facts & Figures

The World Coal Institute is operated by a London-based secretariat.

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