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Wristop is a small wrist-mounted computer, which has an in-built processor for data processing. It can collect information from internal or external sensors. It can wirelessly control or collect data from other instruments. A wristop is designed to be a tool for a healthcare consumer who manages his/her own medical treatment. The small computer continuously collects information on a patient’s wellbeing and sends this data wirelessly to an active wearable medical instrument (e.g. an insulin pump).

The term "Wristop" especially refers to a device designed to co-operate with an insulin pump and to control it in the treatment of Type 1 diabetes. The wrist-wearable insulin pump controller gives the diabetic the possibility to monitor their energy consumption and control the insulin flow directly from a small watch-like device. Wristop was introduced at the Medica 2006 trade fair in Düsseldorf 16.11.2006 and was patented in May, 2006.

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