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Wu Yun Dong

Yun-Dong, Wu is a theoretical organic chemist based in the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology and holds a concurrent position in Peking University. He was born in 10 May 1951 in Liyang, Jiangsu, China. He graduated with a BS from Lanzhou University in 1982 and received his PhD in 1986 from the University of Pittsburgh, working with Kendall N. Houk in computational organic chemistry. Following that, he went on to become the research associate in University of California Los Angeles from 1989 to 1992, before beginning his independent research career in Hong Kong.

Professor Wu receives numerous awards in his career; in December 2005, he was elected as an Academician of the prestigious Chinese Academy of Sciences. His research interest mainly focuses on the elucidation of reaction mechanisms, protein-protein interactions/aggregations (Alzheimer's disease etc) and conformational features of natural and unnatural peptides.



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