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Xlear Nasal Wash

Xlear Nasal Wash is the brand name of a saline-based nasal spray containing xylitol. Xlear claims to be effective in reducing bacteria in the nose and eustachian tubes, thus decreasing the risk of sinus infections, while improving such conditions as allergic rhinitis and asthma.[citation needed] Studies have shown that the presence of xylitol prevents the growth of bacteria in the eustachian tubes which connect the nose and ear.[1] [2] Xylitol also interferes with the ability of bacteria to adhere to body tissues[3].

Additional recommended knowledge

The name "Xlear" is pronounced "clear" or /kliɻ/.[citation needed] The inventor of the nasal spray, Dr. Alonzo "Lon" Jones, coined the term.[citation needed] The 'x' is intended to reference the xylitol, but is realized as a /k/ sound. This pronunciation is allegedly derived from that of the Russian alphabet character X[citation needed][4].

Based in Orem, Utah, Xlear Inc. owns the patent[citation needed] on saline nasal spray with xylitol and produces Xlear Nasal Wash.


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