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Yevgraf Fyodorov

Yevgraf Stepanovich Fyodorov, sometimes spelled Evgraf Stepanovich Fedorov (Russian: Евгра́ф Степа́нович Фёдоров) (December 22, 1853–May 21, 1919), was great Russian mathematician, crystallographist, mineralogist.

Yevgraf Fyodorov was born in Russian city of Orenburg in the family of engineer. Later family moved to Saint Petersburg.

From the age of fifteen he was deeply interested in the theory of polytopes that determined his main research interests.

He was distinguished graduated of Gorny Institute, which he joined at the age of 26.

In 1895, he became a professor of geology in Moscow Agricultural Institute (now Timiryazev Academy).


  • His first book "Basics of Polytopes" was finished in 1879 and published in 1885. There he classifies polytopes, derived his famous Fyodorov polytopes (polytopes that all equal and can completely fill the space).
  • He wrote classical book "Symmetry of the polytope systems" (approximate translation from Russian) which contained the first derivation of 230 groups of spatial symmetry.

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