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Zincochromite is a mineral; formula ZnCr2O4, It is the zinc analogue of Chromite, hence the name. Discovered in 1987 in South Karelia, Russia.

Physical Properties of Zoncochromite.

Color: Brownish Black.

Diaphaniety: Translucent to Opaque.

Habit: Euhedral Crystals - Occurs as well-formed crystals showing good external form.

Hardness: 5.8.

Luster: Sub Metallic.

Calculated Properties of Zincochromite.

Electron Density: Relectron=5.02 gm/cc.

Note: Zincochromite =5.32 gm/cc.] Fermion Index = 0.05395.

Boson Index = 0.94605.

Photoelectric: PEZincochromite = 24.45 barns/electron.

U=PEZincochromite x relectron= 122.61 barns/cc.

Radioactivity: GRapi = 0 (Gamma Ray American Petroleum Institute Units).

Zincochromite is Not Radioactive


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