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  • How metal clusters grow

    First the nucleus, then the shell: Researchers from Marburg and Karlsruhe have studied stepwise formation of metal clusters, smallest fractions of metals in molecular form. The shell gradually forms around the inner atom rather than by later inclusion of the central atom. Knowledge of all developmen more

  • New boron nanomaterial may be possible

    Graphene, a sheet of carbon one atom thick, may soon have a new nanomaterial partner. In the lab and on supercomputers, chemical engineers have determined that a unique arrangement of 36 boron atoms in a flat disc with a hexagonal hole in the middle may be the preferred building blocks for “borophen more

  • Newly discovered mechanism propels micromotors

    Scientists studying the behavior of platinum particles immersed in hydrogen peroxide may have discovered a new way to propel microscopic machines. Micro-sized machines operate under very different conditions than their macro-sized counterparts. The high surface-area-to-mass ratio of tiny motors mean more

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White papers Clusters

  • Particle sizing with static laser scattering

    When determining particle sizes a wide variety of techniques are used in which sieving may be the most popular. Sieving is a relatively simple technique, despite the fact that of course different instrumental approaches can be used. The main advantag more

  • Structural and Chemical 3D Imaging with AFM and Raman.

    In the Life Sciences and Bio-medical Research, the characterization of chemical compounds within cells or tissues is one of the most important and difficult tasks for researchers to perform. The development of pharmaceuticals such as drug delivery co more

Publications Clusters

  • Cononsolvency behavior of hydrophobes in water+methanol mixtures

    The molecular origin of cononsolvency behavior is explored using molecular dynamics simulations. Cononsolvency behavior in aggregations of methane molecules and conformational changes of those clusters dissolved in water+methanol mixtures is confirmed by re-entrant changes in the solvent-mediated in more

  • Understanding Ligand Effects in Gold Clusters using Mass Spectrometry

    This review summarizes recent research on the influence of phosphine ligands on the size, stability, and reactivity of gold clusters synthesized in solution. Sub-nanometer clusters exhibit size- and composition-dependent properties that are unique from those of larger nanoparticles. The highly tunab more

  • Slow and Long-ranged Dynamical Heterogeneities in Dissipative Fluids

    A two-dimensional bidisperse granular fluid is shown to exhibit pronounced long-ranged dynamical heterogeneities as dynamical arrest is approached. Here we focus on the most direct approach to study these heterogeneities: we identify clusters of slow particles and determine their size, Nc, and their more

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Market studies Clusters

  • Saudi Arabia Petrochemicals Report Q4 2012

    The Q412 Saudi Arabia petrochemicals report examines the declining profitability of the Saudi downstream industry and assesses whether the diversification of the country’s production portfolio will help overcome the immediate challenges. The report analyses how trends in Asian markets will affect st more

  • Saudi Arabia Petrochemicals Report Q2 2012

    Saudi Arabia is set to overcome its dependence on commodity petrochemicals by developing high performance and speciality-grade petrochemicals, which can add value to exports and put the industry in direct competition with producers in Japan and other more mature markets, according to BMI’s latest Sa more

  • United Arab Emirates Petrochemicals Report Q2 2011

    Ethane availability and feedstock pricing will remain key to the future growth of the UAE’s petrochemical industry, according to BMI’s latest UAE Petrochemicals Report. The country will be at a disadvantage compared with Qatar and Saudi Arabia, which have based their rapid and continuing expansion o more


List of human clusters of differentiation

List of human clusters of differentiation The following is a list of human clusters of differentiation (or CD) molecules. References more


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